Christianity: Not An Inherited Identity

Text: Romans 2: 17-29 – Pastor Russ continues in our series on the Book of Romans. Here in Chapter 2, Paul turns his attention to those who think they are “safe” because they come from a special heritage. For Paul, he was speaking to the Jews who thought they had a monopoly on God’s favor because they were his “chosen” ones – they had the Law and circumcision. But Paul’s message to those Jews, the same message that applies to us, is that our identity in Christ is not something passed on from our parents or our attributed to us by our race or nationality. It is not something determined by outward appearance or behaviour.  It is an inner transformation that everyone has to experience personally through the power of the Holy Spirit. It has to be a “circumcision of the heart” as Paul describes it (Rom.2:29) – a conscious, personal choice one has to make to become a follower of Jesus.

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