Will You Rejoice at the Fall of Babylon?

Text: Genesis 18-19; Revelation 18 – The account of the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah challenges us to reflect on the characters in the story. Which character best represents you? In our western culture, we have become so attached to material things, we need to ask ourselves, would we look back, like Lot’s wife, longing for what we had that was now destroyed? In this message, Pastor Russ draws a parallel between this Old Testament account, and the destruction of Babylon in Revelation 18. Babylon represents the world, false teaching, and everything else that draws us away from God. The challenge to us is, if Babylon were destroyed, would we rejoice like the saints in Revelation 19, or would we grieve and long for the comforts of the world we have lost? Have we become so comfortable with the things of this world, we have lost our focus on God’s kingdom. Rev.18:4 calls believers to “come out of [Babylon]”, and not let her distract us from God’s call to be “living sacrifices,” not conformed to this world, but transformed by God’s Spirit (Rom.12:1,2).

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