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Overcoming the Dorothy Syndrome

Text: Act 13 & Acts 17 – In this messege, Rev. Bill Allan, President of the AGC, reminds us that we live in a changing world. People no longer think, act, or believe the way we do as followers of Christ. But that doesn’t mean the gospel is no longer relevant. The Apostle Paul shifted […]

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Me vs Mission

Text: 2 Samuel 23:8-17 – In this short Old Testament account, we read about three of King David’s mighty men.  These men were in touch with the desires of their king and risked their lives to faithfully serve him even when they got no credit or satisfaction for their efforts. In this message, Pastor Russ […]

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Be Outstanding in Your Field

Text: Matthew 21:17-32 – We live in a culture that idolizes busyness. Unfortunately, we are often busy doing things that have no value, especially from a spiritual perspective. In the parable of the two sons, Jesus teaches us that he demands faithful obedience from us, not insincere words of commitment.  We all have a field […]

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