We Are All Called to Ministry

Text: Ezra 7:8-10 – On this Sunday, Grace Church celebrates two special occasions: First, the election of one of our long time members, Rev. Bill Allan, as the new President of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada. Secondly, the Induction of our Youth Pastor, Dwayne Copson. Both men have felt God’s call on their lives to serve in these specific areas of ministry.  But God does not just call a few good men to serve in vocational ministry – he calls ALL followers of Christ to be serving in ministry. In this brief message, Pastor Russ reminds us that just as God was with Ezra because he devoted himself to the study of God’s word, to obeying it, and teaching it, we too are called to devote ourselves to these spiritual practices as we fulfill God’s call for each of us to be busy serving him in our own ministries.

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