Next Steps Classes

At Grace we want to always be moving forward! We should never stop striving to grow in our journey with Jesus. Our Next Step classes help you take those steps forward. The first four Sundays of every month has a designated Next Step class that takes place after the service. These are for anyone who wants to join. Whether you have been attending Grace for decades or just stepped through out doors, these classes are for you. Make your way to our board room (door to the right of the Info Desk) after the service to join a class. 

Step Into Church

In this first Next Steps class, you will learn more about being a part of our Grace Church family. We'll look at a bit of the history of Grace Church, what we believe,
our vision and values, our organizational structure, and what it means to become a
member of Grace.

Step Into Place

In this second Next Steps class, we want to
 help you find your
 place at Grace.
Through this class you will discover your personality/leadership style as well as your spiritual gifts. We will then show all the areas where you can serve in the church and live out  God's purpose
for your life. This class does require you to fill out an assessment before hand. You can contact the office to get a hard copy or have one emailed to you.

Step Into Faith

In this third Next Steps class, you discover what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus and be one of his committed followers. You will learn about God's grace
and his promise of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus. This class will also help you understand more about baptism and how this is the next step in your journey of faith after making a decision
to follow Jesus. 

Step Into Growth

In this fourth Next Steps class, we will equip you with simple but practical tools that will help you grow in your faith as
a follower of Jesus.
This class will help you learn how to study the Bible and pray. It will also provide practical ways to share your faith with others so that you can be a faithful representative of Jesus in our community.